Our "clients" are developers, neuroscientists, academes and researchers.


1. A developer seeks to understand the underlying principles of a specific type of neural-network. His goal is to design future systems based on this neural-network-pattern. With SOPF he/she should be able to -

  • build a custom component that he/she finds useful in the neural-network,
  • execute the neural-network across multiple machines
  • visually examine the data generated by the neural-network

2. A fictious company needs a software that controls a bionic-limb. Writing this software in a conventional OOP platform would be quite difficult and requires lots of code. The company hires developers with SOP skill to build a neural-system based on SOPF, that meets the requirements for the bionic-limb motion.
Neural-networks are best for solving complex problems that require adaptation, such a system will require much more resources using OOP. Although, the principles of designing feasible neural-network systems is beyond the current-scope of this project.